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Love coffee? Then you’ll love this fast-paced coffee game where you become the store manager of your very own coffee house.

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For the ultimate coffee obsessed, run your own coffee shop in this graphics-heavy coffee game. Aroma Coffee lets you play the role of store manager in the coffee world and serve customers from your menu. Important skills to be a successful manager include time management and drink-prep talent. How fast can you tap the different ingredients and please your customers in this fast-paced game?

Each round has a set amount of profits your coffee shop must meet in order to stay in business. Fill customer orders, learn where everything is in the kitchen and watch the clock! The more correct combinations you are able to complete with the fastest times, the more money your coffee house makes.

Playing the role of the store manager in this coffee game, you’re able to purchase different types of drinks for your expanding menu as your revenues increase. For those managers that see steaming success, opportunities open to purchase more locations for your franchise. Not seeing profits? Then your coffee shop may be on the verge of closing its doors.

This game tests your skills of how to make coffee and manage a business. Invite your friends on Facebook and Twitter to compete or check out the player leader board from across the Aroma Coffee community.

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Reviewed: Nov 28, 2011 |