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AroundMe may be easier and faster than some of the other location-finding apps, but it's also less comprehensive.

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Lots of apps purport to help you find locations such as restaurants and stores in your area, but few do it as quickly and efficiently as AroundMe. The app simply uses your smartphone’s GPS technology to figure out where your phone is located, and then lets you choose from a list of categories of places, such as gas stations, restaurants, coffeehouses, bars or theaters. AroundMe pulls up a big list of the things around you starting with what’s closest, which you can also see on a map. Tapping any location brings up even more information — the establishment’s phone number, for example, as well as directions and the ability to share the location with friends via Facebook, Twitter, SMS or email.

If there’s a criticism with AroundMe, it’s that the results aren’t very complete. For example, you might try to find a nearby gas station and get a listing for the one down the street but not for the one 200 yards away. Or, as was the case when we tried it, if you look up bars, you might get the one right next door and yet not see a listing for the most famous bar in town. AroundMe is useful and simple, to be sure, but don’t expect it to be infallible.

Reviewed: May 23, 2011 |

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