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Astrid Task/Todo List

By Astrid & Co.


Astrid Tasks/Todo List lets you make as many different kinds of lists as you like and organize them by category. Oh, but that's not all!

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If you regularly make to-do lists to stay productive, then you know there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of checking off an item. Check. Done! But when you have a lot to do — at home, for work, errands, kids’ stuff — you may find yourself drowning in lists. That’s where Astrid Task/Todo List comes in. This app allows you to make as many different kinds of lists as you like and organize those lists by category.

You can keep things simple or go for more advanced task management, such as adding a widget that sticks active lists on your phone’s desktop, or you can sync up your tasks with your Gmail account and/or calendar.

Maybe the coolest part is how you can prioritize your to-do’s, set a date and time for each task’s completion, track how much time you spend on a task and set reminders so you don’t forget to do things like, say, buy milk or get to your dentist appointment — you know, those little things you’d kick yourself for forgetting.

Reviewed: May 23, 2011 |