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The streets of Austin, Texas, are scattered with food carts, trucks, silver bullets and wagons. Which one should you choose to catch a bite to eat? The AustinFoodCarts app helps you locate food carts in Austin and search by cuisine.

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You know Austin, Texas, takes its food carts seriously when there’s an app devoted to the city’s portable eateries. AustinFoodCarts is an iPhone app spin-off of the website Its job, according to its website: To track every trailer, cart, truck, silver bullet or wagon selling deliciousness in Austin. Good thing there’s now an app so you can track them on the go.

AustinFoodCarts does not play around. Open the app and bam! You’re met with a mouth-watering list of all Austin-area food carts. Tap a food-cart name and the app will dish out a Google Map of the location, along with its address (tap it and your phone switches to navigation mode), type of cuisine, hours of operation and menu (if the food truck has one).

This simple rundown of basic information is crucial. Think of the times when you’re craving a snack after a night out—you’ll be glad to know food carts like Big Top Dogs are open until 3 a.m. Or think of those times when you show up to a place and it serves the total opposite of what you’re expecting. It’s nice to know ahead of time that a place called Hey Cupcake! serves, well (just kidding), cupcakes. You can also search food carts by cuisine.

Lastly, you can search for a good bite to eat by location in the Map section—this offers a map view full of little red pinpoints. And boy, how scrumptious the city of Austin looks from here.

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