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Autism News Reader

By Splaysoft, LLC.


If you can tolerate the ads, this news reader aggregates the latest information and research relating to autism and autistic people. 

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Autism News Reader provides an easy way to keep up on autism-related news articles from a range of sources, but some irritating ads and interface issues weaken its otherwise useful premise.

At its most basic, the app is a news reader—it brings the user lots of articles from lots of different sources, all of which are related to autism. This kind of in-depth focus can be really nice, and at just a buck, it’s great for people looking to stay up on autism information. The articles are generally easy to read, and you can sort them by topic, source, or popularity.

It’s navigating around the Autism News Reader’s interface that’s difficult. The app is a bit slow to load, and big, irritating banner ads can get in the way of clicking different sections such as the app’s upper menu.

It could work a lot better, but Autism News Reader still provides quick access to autism news and research stories. If you can put up with the annoying parts, there’s a lot of good information to be learned.

Reviewed: Oct 26, 2011 |

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