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Backbreaker 2: Vengeance

By NaturalMotion Games Ltd.


Whether you’re addicted to football video games or you’re a football player, you’ll experience fun and a bit of adrenaline with this game app for Android and iPhone. Complete with impressive graphics, Backbreaker 2: Vengeance features two modes to let you tackle, juke, spin and make touchdowns.

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Backbreaker 2: Vengeance is a football game app with options. Either choose to pummel your opponent with a ferocious tackle or fly like lightening into the end zone and celebrate your touchdown with a victory dance. Both are fun, and both increase in difficulty with every challenge.

Before you begin playing for points in either of the modes, you have to first pick your football player.  Give him a name, choose a skin tone (the app gives you a variety of options), pick a jersey number from 20 through 49 and select a team (Scourge, Hawks or Thunder).

After you review the gameplay and rules, it’s time to pick your mode. In Tackle Alley mode, your goal is to dodge opponents and run to the end zone with the ball while remaining in bounds (tilting your phone side to side and back to front to control your speed and direction). Pretty standard.

The gameplay gets fun and challenging, however, as you incorporate different moves and gain points. You’ll have to memorize the functions of every control on your screen, which are meant for jukes or spins, trucking and jumping. For each successful move, you earn more points based on how well you complete it.

The latest version of Backbreaker 2: Vengeance also gives you an improved multitouch showboat option in Tackle Alley mode. This earns you extra points; not to mention, showing up your opponent is just plain fun.

In Vengeance mode, you’re dealing with similar controls, but your goal is to tackle the ball carrier. The earlier you make your tackle and the better your tackle is, the more points you get (500 points for a good tackle and 1,000 points for a perfect tackle).

The differentiating factor in any sports game app is the graphics, and Backbreaker 2’s are top-notch. We love how you get a spanned view of the crowd before the game starts, how the glare from the sun is noticeable and players’ details are realistic (especially when they do their victory dances). The game also incorporates fun sound effects that we recommend keeping on for an immersive experience.

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