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Bandsintown shows you the bands that are playing nearby and scans your music library to bring you a personalized selection. Connect with Facebook and prepare to rock on!

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This app is essential for anyone musically inclined. Once you log in to Bandsintown via Facebook, the free Android and iPhone app notifies you when your favorite bands are playing live in town.

Bandsintown gets personal from the get-go. The app scans the music in your phone’s music library. It then considers your Facebook likes and Pandora playlists to come up with a list of concert recommendations in your area. It features the bands you already love and suggests like-minded artists too.

Once you click on an artist, the app tells you when and where the band is playing. You can check Attending or Maybe, so you can share the event with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers. Bandsintown even maps out the venue for you and forwards you to the online ticket seller where you can buy tickets.

The Concerts tab at the bottom of the app’s interface shows which of your favorite artists are visiting your area in list form. The Tonight tab features the shows coming up that weekend, and the Artist tab lets you search individual artists for upcoming shows. The RSVPs tab lists and organizes the concerts you’re planning on attending, and within Settings, you can change your location, rescan your music library or sync to your, Pandora, and Twitter account.

Once your social-network friends see all the concert hopping you’re doing, they’re sure to download Bandsintown too.

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