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Learn how to make coffee as a home barista with step-by-step videos and a coffee-talk glossary for all types of coffee.

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Bring the coffee-house experience home and save money with this app for barista enthusiasts. With no previous coffee-shop experience necessary, this app shows users how to make coffee with a touch of flair. Wow your friends with your new skill and you could easily become the best barista in your neighborhood.

Barista presents users with four option buttons. Tapping Basics shows users three videos covering espresso-machine basics, pouring a rosetta and pouring a heart. The videos are easy to follow, and each video demonstration is accompanied by text subtitles with further explanations. Don’t get steamed if you’re not a coffee-talk pro. Simply tap the Coffee Talk button for a glossary of common coffee vocabulary and types of coffee, and you’ll be learning the lingo in no time.

Check out the Tips section for pointers ranging from preparation and coffee-bean selection to extraction, milk texturing, and pouring latté art. This section is a bit text-heavy, but it’s designed in an easy-to-navigate, expandable list. If you want to be the next big home barista, you gotta know your stuff!

The Make It section is certainly the highlight of the app. Here is where users can select from 11 different types of coffee drinks. Learn how to make coffee like the pros with step-by-step instructions. Each set of instructions also comes with the option to set the extraction timer when called for in the recipe and taking a photo of your final coffee masterpiece. Track your efforts through photos and watch your coffee-house skills improve. Final step: sip and indulge.

For the price of a single cup of coffee from a traditional coffee shop, you can download this app and enjoy your own creations all from your very own home.

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Reviewed: Nov 28, 2011 |