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The BBC News app for Android and iPhone gives you a comprehensive news stream of stories from around the world.

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With the BBC News app, you get a comprehensive stream of news and stories from around the world, and some may argue that you also get an unslanted take on the domestic and international news events concerning the United States and the news that affects you.

The BBC News app is easy to navigate. Once you open the app, the first thing you’ll see is the ticker with up-to-the-second global news.

Below that are the top stories, each displayed in a box—and up to nine will fit on a an iPhone screen at a time. After top stories, the news unfolds into U.S. & Canada, Technology, Feature & Analysis, Business, and Science & Environment.

The app breaks down further, encompassing the entire global geographic picture. It also offers news in other languages. From Mundo to Urdu, the BBC gives our global daily events to you in a plethora of ways. Of course, you can send images and email stories to your friends and colleagues.

But the BBC News app takes the news even further with the BBC News live radio stream. This is a free function provided by BBC, but your operator may charge you for the amount of data you use. The app itself tells you exactly that, so make sure you’re comfortable with whatever it is you might pay in order to use the service.

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