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By SiuYiu


BBQ 4 Free is a fun game for when you want to fire up that grill and never leave your seat. 

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Some game apps are all sizzle and no steak. BBQ 4 Free (and BBQ Pro) is both.

Once you launch the game app, that familiar BBQ sizzle will get you charged and in the mood for grilling. If you’ve ever been to a BBQ, you won’t need any tutorial for this game. Tap Challenge and get started.

Load your prep plate with items. The app starts you off easy, with level one being hot dogs. Any grill master knows that hot diggities are simply conversation starters in the world of outdoor cooking. But pay attention, because if you char one, it won’t count toward your total score, and your progress meter will go down. In addition, you’ll hear dissatisfied groans from your loyal subjects at the burnt piece of meat you shoveled their way. But give them something delectable, and you’ll hear oohs and aahs of satisfaction.

As you cook, the levels climb and the game gets harder, changing and combining food items, and challenging you like a real BBQ will—challenging cook times, fire flares and displeased recipients.

Surprisingly, BBQ 4 Free is one game that will really help you on the grill. How, you ask? Well, as in life, at first you’ll probably be in hellfire’s fury to get to that next level and challenge yourself with four steaks, a cheeseburger and four hot dogs. But this game teaches you to cook only what is properly prepped and to tend to it accordingly. Flip with a simple touch, and drag to move. As the color of the meat changes, so do your chances of putting something good on people’s plates.

If BBQ 4 Free doesn’t get you into the grilling mood, nothing will.

Reviewed: Jun 04, 2012 |

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