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By Bernhard Suter


BistroMath does the calculations for you when you're paying the check at a restaurant. From splitting the bill to calculating the tip, it's all in there.

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You’re out with three friends for lunch and the check arrives. While one of your party begins dividing it four ways, you might be thinking, “I only ordered a side salad. I don’t owe $28.” BistroMath takes all the guesswork out of dividing up a check without accusing friends of not paying their fair share.

This app has a calculator that divides a check into the number of guests, calculates individual tabs, figures tax and even estimates totals in different currency. So if someone had a $9.99 entree and a $4.99 drink, you know they owe $0.97 in tax (at 6.5 percent) and a $3 tip (20 percent), for a grand total of $18.95. To divide up a check, you hit “Split” and type in the number of diners. (BistroMath also has a free plug-in app called “Funky Expenses,” so you can keep track of dining expenses for business.)

BistroMath lets you divide a check without any squabbling, because no one should argue with mathematics. We think it helps to create a more enjoyable, less stressful meal. Note: There is a similar app by the same name for iPhone, but it’s from a different developer.

Reviewed: May 23, 2011 |

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