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A location app that helps you quickly find the best places in your area, Bizzy is a very cool system.

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Bizzy is a location app that helps you find cool things in your area. It works a lot like similar location-based apps such as Foursquare: It uses your smartphone’s GPS technology and Internet browser to find nearby hotspots like restaurants and attractions, and then allows you to “check out” those locations by visiting them. Pull up the app and hit Bizzy’s “Check Out” button, and the app takes note of where you are. Over time, it compiles recommendations of the things you seem to like, guiding you to a restaurant or show you’ll probably enjoy.

At its heart, Bizzy is a social networking app, so you’ll build a profile and be able to see other users with interests and tastes similar to your own — but the real strength of the app is its ability to find just about anything you’re looking for almost instantly. You can search for a location by typing in its name, or you can select from a number of categories that aggregate places near you, taking into account user recommendations and whether people “like you” seem to like that place. It’s a very cool system for vetting a bar, restaurant or theater before you spend the money to go there. It’s not exactly foolproof, but it’s a useful (and free) tool just the same.

Reviewed: May 23, 2011 |