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Created by the CEO of Grindr, the social location app Blendr gives you plenty of opportunities to meet new people and share or hide personal information.

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Blendr certainly doesn’t market itself as place to network and find a job. No, this cousin to Grindr, a social dating app aimed at homosexual men, markets itself as “the new way to make friends nearby.” Users just type in their information (complete with photo) and then find users nearby who fit their friend—even their dating—criteria.

Actually, we’re not sure what to think. While Blendr’s website claims the app is intended to find new friends, we’re pretty sure it has more of a hookup reputation. For one, it looks pretty darn similar to Grindr, plus it lists users’ relationship statuses and what they are looking for.

Blendr integrates with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, which you can use to broadcast your Blendr status updates with later on. When setting up your profile, it lets you choose your visibility (or more specifically, who sees you) and lets you select the age, sex and sexual orientation of your target population. It also has privacy filters that let users decide if they want to show their age or relative distance and choose their distance accuracy. The distance accuracy is based on a very low to high scale, with the lower end basically not giving strangers directions to your home.

Your profile can consist of your interests, your gender, your sexual orientation and, as mentioned, your relationship status and what you are looking for: chat, dates, friends, networking or a relationship. (Most of the people who contacted us during our review did not fill out much of their profiles.) Users can also add information about where they’re located, their education, occupation, children and even pets. Feel free to choose Do Not Show for any of the fields.

At first this social/dating app may seem kind of boring. For the first few days, we received no interest in our profile, but after a week of using the app, we started getting chat messages from several people in our region, ranging from a “Hey there” to requests for naked photos. Hey, Blendr doesn’t promise quality, but it does deliver quantity.

Reviewed: Sep 18, 2012 |

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