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Box is a file-access, -sharing and -editing app that allows an individual to get on the same page of their work no matter where they are, thanks to its cross-platform functionality.

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Document managers, writers, business professionals and anyone who likes to stay organized, say hello to Box, an elegant, lightning-fast, multipurpose app that makes document sharing easy.

Launch the free app and you get a quick video tutorial on how to maximize your experience. Don’t like videos? You can get the same instructions in a PDF format. It’s a thoughtful addition to the app and one you will want to check out.

First you’ll need to get yourself set up. Tap the settings cog and make sure your correct email address is entered. Once that’s added, you can tinker with how Box will interact with you and your device. You want a warning for documents coming your way? No problem. Need to secure your account? Doable. You can also learn more about the app or ask for support via email. It’s one of the more thorough settings pages we’ve seen.

So you’re logged in. Easy enough. Now on to the sharing aspect.

Tap the tab with three little dots in the upper right-hand corner and you will be prompted to enter the contacts of the people you want to share with. Box will send them an email to let them know you’ve invited them into the sharing group. (Dropbox users will notice the similarity.)

Once your contacts are set up, you can start sharing documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, pictures, videos and more. You’ll have a free storage allotment of 5 GB that can be expanded to 1000 GB for $15 a month per user for small businesses or to unlimited, based on scalable pricing plans, for large operations, all on a secure cloud to use as you wish.

Box will help you locate lost files, denote favorites, make comments and augment groups. Like the documents you will be sending and receiving, everything is alterable using Box. Box also plays well with other apps, letting you save files from other apps to your Box account and access Box files from those apps. All you have to do is download free add-ons for programs like Microsoft Outlook and Office or apps like Chatter.

Gone are the days of being tied to a desktop to get a project finished or trying to hash out changes on the phone. Gone are the days of being put in a box.

Reviewed: Jan 30, 2013 |

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