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Camera Awesome

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Camera Awesome gives you everything you need to turn your iPhone into an impressive camera and photo editor.

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The camera app that comes pre-installed on the iPhone leaves a lot to be desired. It’s great for pointing and shooting, but not much else. That’s where Camera Awesome comes in, bringing you a camera bag full of digital goodies to help make your smartphone photos turn out pretty impressive.

On the camera side, Camera Awesome brings in things like an image stabilizer for shaky hands, a timer so you can set up photos and then be in them, and a couple of burst-shot settings to help you capture fast action. All the capabilities really expand what sort of pictures you’re capable of taking with your smartphone, turning it from a handy snapper of ugly-but-important shots into a reliable alternative to a nice digital camera.

Even cooler is Camera Awesome’s editing suite, which includes a lot of easy-to-use tools that make your photos better. The quickest and easiest is the "Awesomize" capability, which automatically balances photo elements like contrast, brightness and color with one button. You can also adjust those values yourself if you don’t like how the app edits the photo on its own.

Beyond that, Camera Awesome lets you do simple things with your photos like cut, crop and rotate, and the app features an array of Instagram-like filters, some for free and some that’ll cost you.

Camera Awesome also goes all-out with its sharing options. SmugMug created super-fast sharing prompts, including its 1-Tap and 0-Tap sharing capabilities: Tap once to upload your photos to almost any photo-sharing and social-networking site, from Picasa to Facebook to Tumblr to Flickr. Or, let auto-sharing broadcast your pics for you.

When it comes right down to it, if you intend to take pictures with your iPhone, there’s no reason not to use Camera Awesome to do it. The app offers too many great features to ignore.

Reviewed: Jun 26, 2012 |

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