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Camera Fun

By SpiceLoop


Simplicity is the key to this iPhone and Android app. Transform your pictures with quirky photo effects.

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Camera Fun is a simple photo app. Point your phone’s camera, pick a funky photo effect and take your pic. While this is essentially the app’s only function, we don’t consider that a bad thing. The fact that Camera Fun does one thing well is refreshing in the age of multifaceted, multitasking apps.

Camera Fun Free features six photo-lens effects, including canvas, pinch and sketch. These photo effects are cool enough to warrant a good two minutes of browsing the different effects. This leads us to the first feature we like—this camera app applies the photo effects to your image before you take your picture. If you’re applying the pinch effect, for instance, you may want to alter your shot to maximize your brother’s new alien-like head shape.

The dollar version of this photo app, Camera Fun Pro, has no ads (though these are minimal in the free version, anyway) and 29 lenses. (Why they couldn’t round that up to 30 is beyond us.) We liked the swirl and wave effects best when taking a picture of a moving object and the emboss and poster effects when snapping a candid photo of a person. When you’re done snapping your photos, you can then add borders and frames to your pics and post them to your favorite social media site.

Reviewed: Nov 16, 2011 |