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By WorkSmart Labs Inc.


CardioTrainer offers some really nice features, including access to your music playlist, a built-in pedometer for when GPS locks out and the “Race Against Yourself” add-on.

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A workout buddy keeps you motivated, holds you accountable and knows if you’re slacking — but the next best thing is the CardioTrainer app. It’s one of a trio of apps from WorkSmart Labs Inc. (Noom Weight Loss and Calorific Diet Tracker complete the weight-loss trifecta) that monitor physical activity and calorie burns, from walking to inline skating. If you want, the app will also post exercise results to Facebook or Twitter to show the world you’re serious about being in shape and perhaps give you that extra little nudge to get to the gym each day.

CardioTrainer is serious about its features. There’s a music player, a friend activity feed, workout reminders, a pedometer, timers and a racing high score, plus it can sync with Polar’s Bluetooth heart rate monitor. Our favorite is the app’s GPS feature, which mapped out our half-hour walk and told us that we had traveled 1.3 miles and burned approximately 180 calories. The only problem is that you have to keep your smartphone on you to do the calculations, which can be cumbersome depending on your chosen form of exercise.

Reviewed: Sep 23, 2011 |