Carrr Matey
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Carrr Matey

By Lionebra Studios


We don't know how they thought to give this car-finding app a pirate theme, but we're sure glad they did. Useful and fun — you can't beat that.

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There’s nothing fun about forgetting where you parked the car, but Carrr Matey’s pirate theme does add a bit of whimsy. Of all the “find my car” map apps out there, this one’s a joy to use.

This app comes in most handy when you’re parking on the street in an unfamiliar city or leaving the car in a massive parking garage. Using your phone’s GPS, you can set the exact coordinates of where your car is located. Later, when you want to find it again, you have the choice of using either a compass or walking directions.

The app’s interface looks like a worn treasure map, with your car illustrated as a pirate ship. The app itself is operated using pirate-speak: “Drop anchor” when you want to mark your vehicle on the map; use “harbor” to document the level, letter and space number in a parking garage; and “find vessel” directs you back to your car.

Carrr Matey also has an alarm that alerts you when your meter is about to expire so you can beat the meter police back to your car.

Reviewed: May 23, 2011 |