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This note-taking device has all the features you need — plus a few you don’t.

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For the organizationally challenged, memory impaired or anyone who just can’t keep up with the daily flow of ideas and to-dos, a note-taking app on a device that’s always with you seems like a no-brainer.

Catch Notes allows you to save notes and photos to your phone. What’s nice is that you can also save or recall notes from your computer, so it’s easy to transfer anything you might be working on (like, say, an app review). You can mark notes with hashtags, attach photos and turn on geotagging, all of which might help you categorize and remember. You can also share your notes publicly, kind of like Twitter defaulted to private. In fact, if Catch Notes falls a little short, it’s because it tries too much to be like Twitter. If there’s something you wanted to share, you’d probably just tweet it in the first place, right?

Still, it’s a comfort to have Catch Notes installed in the event that lightning strikes. On an Android device, you get the additional bonus of voice-to-text built into your keyboard. Our wish for future iterations is a gesture-detecting notepad-like feature, so you can just “draw” your letters and words onto the touchscreen with your fingers (think Gesture Search), making quick note taking that much faster.

Reviewed: Jul 22, 2011 |

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