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The days of wading through endless websites, links, social feeds and more are over thanks to ChannelCaster, the ultimate tool for creating your own personal channel.

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The days of opening and closing apps, searching the web for specific information, and navigating through countless links are over. ChannelCaster is a simple, powerful app that allows you to put all of the information you’re specifically interested in into a channel, customized according to you.

Sure, you already love the Flipboard app (and we do too), but we urge you to give this personalized news app from OneLouder a try. ChannelCaster allows you to personalize more content into unique channels, which you can then share with others.

The app’s simple design and easy navigation allows you to browse channels (public and private), select favorites or build your own channel to share with the ChannelCaster community. ChannelCaster starts you out with a few channels, and like Flipboard, you can sync with your Twitter and Facebook accounts for channels limited to those social streams. You can also take content from YouTube, Flickr and websites with RSS feeds.

When browsing public channels, you can dual-directionally scroll through areas that interest you. At the top of your screen, scroll left to right to choose topics such as Humor, News, Featured and On Campus. Once you select a topic, subcategory tabs appear below. For instance, under On Campus, you can select from Education, Dorm Life, Greek Life, Travel and more. Once one of those tabs is selected, your list blossoms yet again and you can delineate further. You can then add any of this content to your Favorite library. Throughout all of this browsing, ChannelCaster gets an A for organization.

Once you’re satisfied with the information you have tailored for yourself, you can choose whether or not you want to take your channel public. This is where the Build tab comes into play.

To build a channel, ChannelCaster will prompt you to create your profile (this took us a total of 16 seconds). Select topics you’d like on your channel or add sources from your social networks. You can tailor information by filtering information with keywords (i.e. "sports," "cupcakes," etc.) from social networks and the Internet.

Not only can people see what interests you specifically, but they can interact with you and offer back their own channels, so you can expand your world, your channel, and even get to know someone a little bit (or a lot) better.

As for ChannelCaster’s downfalls, some say it’s simply not as pretty as the all-mighty Flipboard, but we disagree. Besides, this UI design is merely a matter of taste. We would like to see, however, a better cross-platform relationship (picking up ChannelCaster from the same spot on your iPad where you left off on your iPhone, for instance), as well as a finessed log in/log out functionality. But considering the fact that OneLouder is known for its frequent (even weekly) updates, we’ve no doubt ChannelCaster for Android and iPhone will continue to improve.

Reviewed: Jun 26, 2012 |

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