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If you live in one of the featured cities, Chefs Feed will find you the best restaurants with the most raved-about dishes to try.

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There’s an untapped group of food experts in every city of the world that knows exactly where all the best dishes are found: the chefs.

They make their living cooking and baking delicious foods for their customers, and of course they pay attention to the memorable things they eat during their off hours. That’s the thinking behind Chefs Feed. This free iPhone app polls local chefs in big cities and finds out the foods and restaurants they love. The purpose of this, of course, is to then make it easy for you to find tasty grub around you.

When you fire up Chefs Feed, pick the city you want to focus on, and the app shows you a list of the best chefs in town. The app includes recommendations from all of the chefs featured, as well as biographical information that tells you a little bit about why they’re a culinary expert. It’s hard to go wrong listening to the recommendations from a person who has been the personal chef of Michael Jackson and Barbra Streisand.

Most useful are the app’s mapping features. As you tap into what each chef recommends and where they and their favorite dishes are located, you can immediately pull up your iPhone’s Maps app to see where you need to go to get the dishes you’re learning about. You can quickly get directions and information to call and make reservations too. There’s also a feature that uses your device’s GPS capabilities to find you the best food in your immediate area, showing you what you might like best based on the reviews and ratings of other users.

Chefs Feed is lacking in that it’s relatively new. The app only supports 24 cities at the moment. More are on the way in future updates, but for now, you need to be located in or traveling to one of the big cities in the country to reap the benefits of Chefs Feed.

Even so, Chefs Feed packs lots of great foodie information and is perfect to help you grab great meals if you’re planning a visit some of America’s biggest cities.

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