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The powerful browser, Chrome, translates well into its mobile forms for both Android and iOS devices. Quickly browse and sync your Chrome account to have the full Chrome experience, wherever you go.

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Currently, Google’s Chrome is the most popular web browser. And now Internet surfers can enjoy Chrome’s powerful mobile app for both Android and iOS.

Mobile Chrome offers many of the same features as its desktop counterpart. The mobile experience allows you to log in to your personalized Chrome account, perform tabbed browsing, switch tab positions, bookmark pages and choose your preferred search engine (Google, Yahoo or Bing).

One major feature we love is that Chrome allows you to view your open tabs, passwords and bookmarks from other computers and devices that are simultaneously running the browser. Additionally, you can send web pages from your computer to your mobile devices to read them, without even being online. Cool, right?

The tabs on the mobile versions are set up, as Google explains, like a stack of cards in your hand. In comparison to the mobile Safari app, if you click on a link, you won’t necessarily lose the page you first started from. The interface of the app is very cohesive with the rest of Google’s entities—clean and simple.

Upon opening a new tab, Chrome gives you the option of searching or typing a URL or seeing your recently closed pages, most-visited pages, and bookmarked pages. You can also select to view your tabs from other devices that you are signed in to on your Chrome account.

Some additional features Mobile Chrome includes are voice search, the ability to search on a page and email the URL. It also introduces a new feature called “incognito tabs.” With these, the pages you view won’t appear in your browser, search history or leave cookies behind you. It’s good, clean and fun searching at its best. Mobile Chrome also includes the ability to save passwords (something Safari doesn’t do) and clear out your browser data right within the app.

Though Chrome has some seriously awesome features, there are a few setbacks with the iOS version. Because of Apple’s App Store Restrictions, Chrome had to build the iOS version on WebKit, making the app a little slower than the native iOS browser, Safari.

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