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Cinemagram is a hybrid video-and-photo app that lets you create GIFs and emphasize motion with animation. Mask part of your video to keep it moving while keeping the rest frozen, like a picture.

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Have you ever wanted to capture a moment but couldn’t decide between a picture or video? Cinemagram gives you the option of doing both—a hybrid animation where part of the shot is still and part is in motion.

Start off by taking a short video clip (two to three seconds). Next, animate a small region (the part you want in motion). Apply a filter, then share it with your friends via Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook, or paste it into a text message.

Getting aquainted with this iPhone app couldn’t be easier. Since the interface is designed to resemble another popular photo app, Instagram, users just complete a set of tasks and hit next when they’re done. Contribute a little creative input and the GIF creation app does the rest.

Although video is an essential component of your clip, the majority of the shot should be remain still, like a photo. For example, if you shot a video of your dog wagging its tail, only animate the tail to accentuate the motion. Leave the rest frozen. The effect can be surreal if done right.

Cinemagram stores its files as GIFs, and a quality GIF is worth comedic gold, based on the number of them circulating the Internet. Two-second clips aren’t long enough to be considered videos, but the perfect length to convey an emotion, making GIFs snackable and perfect for mobile devices.

A few months ago, Cinemagram started offering the option to shoot and post simple videos without the animation trick. Although this offers users another realm of possibilities, we kind of wish developers kept their original design of part animation, part photo. At the very least, we wish clips could be broken up into two categories: those “masked” and those not.

We expect an Android release in early 2013 ... please!

Reviewed: Dec 18, 2012 |