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Clear is one of the best to-do list apps for iPhone that helps you list your priorities elegantly and navigate them with simple finger swipes. The three navigation levels make this productivity app complex yet intuitive, not to mention extremely useful.

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When we say Clear is one of the best to-do list apps for iPhone, we really mean it. Here’s the proof: Clear was downloaded 350,000 times in the first nine days after its launch on February 14, 2012, according to its publisher Realmac Software.

Clear makes you rethink the way in which you interact with your tasks and lists. The futuristic app helps you stay on cue within an elegant format. Its responsive design is reminiscent of Flipboard and has similar intentions of Wunderlist, but don’t be mistaken—this app is one of a kind.

Clear uses a cinematic interface design, a trend that is on the rise for iOS apps. This way of designing brings the app to life and stands out from static apps where only buttons accomplish certain functions.

In a simple tab layout, Clear sorts your to-do items in order of importance; the most significant are at the top and are a darker color. The default theme, Heat Map, displays your items in shades from red to yellow. As you move around your tasks, the colors instinctively change with it. This color system still works for those who are colorblind because it categorizes your tasks by shades, so there is still noticeable differentiation.

Clear has three navigation levels. The highest level contains the app’s settings, where you can select different themes (even a bonus one if you have Tweetbot installed on your iPhone), adjust the sound, see tips and tricks, and even follow the developers on Twitter. The second level holds your lists, which you can categorize your tasks.

In the lists level, Clear will display the number of tasks you have created for each of your lists. To enter the task level (the third level), tap on any of your lists or swipe your finger all the way down the screen.

The various ways of navigating through the app make keeping tabs of your to-dos actually fun. However, this app is not ideal for larger errands with specific deadlines. You are limited to 28 characters per task on your list. The app also does not contain any calendars or alarms, but you can customize your settings to have it show how many tasks you have on the app’s icon. Another minor faux pas is that it can sometimes be difficult to navigate between levels if you don’t swipe the right way.

This app may not have popular syncing options or more advanced settings, but it still has plenty of bells and whistles. You can choose to have whimsical sounds play as you move through the levels and manage your tasks. The app also has vibrating capabilities to alert you that you have just deleted a task or navigated to another level. It’s the small things that count sometimes.

The development of Clear is a joint project between Realmac Software based out of Brighton, England and a new studio, Impending, Inc. The project was over a year in the making and was finally released in mid-February. 

Reviewed: Feb 23, 2012 |