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The CNN app is well designed, easy to navigate and filled with all the information you expect from the worldwide leader in news.

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As you might expect from the worldwide leader in news, CNN’s smartphone app reports all the current headlines and offers quick access to videos, as well as easy access to CNN’s iReport, the network’s citizen journalism project (you can contribute your own videos, photos and stories through the app). The app is divided up by categories, including Top Stories, U.S., World, Politics, Justice, Entertainment, Tech, Health, Living, Travel and Opinion, which makes pinpointing what you’re looking for pretty effortless. The app also keeps you informed on what’s happening in your area by using your phone’s GPS.

Even if you don’t keep CNN open all the time, you’ll stay in the loop with push notifications that pop up to alert you when important things are happening.

One flaw with CNN is how overly sensitive it is to touch. Be very careful about where you’re touching or you’ll accidentally open new tabs. Overall, though, we think this is a pretty great app: It’s well designed, easy to navigate and, of course, contains a lot of information.

Reviewed: May 23, 2011 |

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