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Color lets you upload batches of photos at once, post live photos and video and, depending on your service provider, even add audio to your broadcasts that appear on your Facebook Timeline. Its awesome interface and organized settings make this photo and video app a must for any Facebooker.

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You’re watching Glee when, all of a sudden, your dog Fido leaps up at the start of a new song, dancing on his hind legs in excitement. With the updated Color app, you can capture Fido in the moment by filming and broadcasting live (yes, LIVE) video to your Facebook Timeline, so your friends can experience the act in the moment with you.

Let’s first note that Color works through your Facebook account, so if you don’t have a Facebook account or if you don’t want to post things to your Facebook Timeline, this app is nearly useless. If you’re willing to foster your Facebook activity, though, you’re in for a treat.

Color’s navigation is simple, good looking and intuitive: Just select whether you want to broadcast video, take a photo or upload photos. You can also view your Facebook feed and Timeline, both with a heavy emphasis on the visuals.

The app makes the process of uploading photos actually enjoyable, because it allows you to upload batches of photos from your library (as long as you enable your location settings on your phone) in one clean swoop. Select the photos you want, then click Next to add captions and tag friends in your chosen pics.

Color’s claim to fame, though, is its live broadcasting feature. Tap Broadcast, choose if you want your video to be made public, viewable to your Facebook friends or to specific friends only. Reverse your camera from rear- to front-facing, if you wish, and add a caption. Then, start your broadcast.

Your friends who also have Color downloaded on their smartphones will receive a notification—which sounds like a doorbell—indicating that you’re live-broadcasting a video. Your friend can then watch the live strream, and you (the recorder) will be able to see which friends interacted with your video thereafter, thanks to small icons of your friends’ faces that appear at the bottom of the videos. Friends can also like and comment on videos, as we would expect in this digitally social age.

Videos can last up to 30 seconds (though we’re hoping Color bumps up that time allotment in the future).

And that’s still not making the most of this app. A partnership with Verizon Wireless in early May now brings live audio into the picture (literally). Here’s the deal: If you’re a Verizon customer, you can add audio to your live video broadcasts. Verizon’s 4G network also makes the live-video-streaming experience a lot smoother. Good quality video and sound? It’s like your friends will actually be there, wherever you are. Teleportation coming next.

Reviewed: May 25, 2012 |