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If you’re a budget traveler who needs a couch to crash on while globetrotting, use Couchsurfing to connect with people. The app version of the social network lets you host surfers, find couches and get in touch with fellow vagabonds.

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If you’re an adventurous traveler who isn’t afraid to take risks, meet new people and fly by the seat of your pants, then download the Couchsurfing app for your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Couchsurfing is a unique social travel network that connects globetrotters, adventure seekers and friendly hosts together. Like-minded Couchsurfing members unite and share meals, swap housing, and organize events and parties worldwide.

The Couchsurfing app, launched this summer, lets users search for people to connect with, send CouchRequests and carry conversations with potential hosts or surfers. Members can also interact with fellow travelers to plan outings and get-togethers.

The Home screen offers the following tabs: CouchRequests, Search, Map and Your Profile. CouchRequests lists both outgoing and incoming requests, and Search lets you look for couches by location. For example, if you type in Melbourne, Australia, Couchsurfing pulls up a list of both hosts and locals that you could potentially connect with. Each person has a profile (that needs to be set up online) that lists their interests, location, what kind of space they have and how many surfers they are willing to take in.

For the best couch luck, create a public CouchRequest and enter the number of surfers and the dates you’ll be in town so willing hosts can find you and offer a helping hand. Users should also send personal messages to one another to ensure a connection.

The app is new, so bear with it. The messaging inbox is still unavailable, and updating your profile through the app is frustratingly impossible. We expect these kinks will get resolved as time goes on and the app is updated.

Reviewed: Nov 27, 2012 |

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