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Keep up with annual calendar events and daily tasks with customizable and accurate time readings—all with one simple countdown app.

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Ever wonder how many more hours you have to wait for your next birthday (even if it’s seven months away)? Or how many days it has been since the start of the new millennium? Maybe you just need a timer for your daily workout or a countdown until your lunch break. Whatever timing and counting needs you may encounter on a daily or annual basis, Countdown Timer Pro’s customizable features ensure accurate clock readings and event tracking (with an added bit of flare!).

This countdown timer app provides four options: events, timer, New Year and accuracy. Highlight all the major events in your life by adding them to the events list. Customizable features include date and time scheduling (down to the second), repeat or stop options, background image choices according to occasion, 10-second countdown animations and a range of voices that will announce your big event when the time comes. Talk about building excitement around your ordinary calendar! That’s only a glimpse of what makes this timer app so effective.

For timers, set countdowns for anything, from cooking different dishes at the same time to workouts and even that much-needed nap. Got an important meeting after lunch you can’t be late for? Just like with the events category, customize your timer to count down the last 10 seconds in the voice of your choice. You can even set Countdown Timer Pro to remind you of events or timers while the app is closed.

The New Year section lists countries around the world in order of how much time remains until they reach the next year. You can follow the world as it turns and also check out how long you have to wait based on your location. Celebrate with the people of the Marquesas Islands in the mid-Pacific or your friend visiting India for the New Year.

And don’t worry about your countdown’s being off. The accuracy button allows you to sync the countdown app to the most up-to-the-minute timekeepers. You’ll be able to shout “Happy Groundhog’s Day” with zeal and confidence as your app strikes 12:01 a.m. on February 2. Everyone can count (no pun intended) on you for accurate festivity timekeeping with the countdown timer app.

Reviewed: Dec 21, 2011 |