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Cows vs Aliens

By XMG Studio Inc.


Save the cows! Help guide your cattle to their barn as evil aliens swarm your ranch and try to abduct them in this game app. Earn milk points for special cows, but stay alert for the aliens’ tricks.

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Sound the farm alarm! Aliens are invading your barnyard of cows! It’s up to you to save your unsuspecting cattle and herd them into their barn of safety before they become the latest victims of UFO abduction. This free game app for iPhone and Android may sound easy, but these aliens (and cows, for that matter) have a few tricks up their sleeves.

To play, simply tap and hold the screen to push panicked cows into the barn and away from the descending army of aliens. Herd cows with your lasso to bump up your time, maximize your score and complete as many waves as possible. The higher your cow score in this cow game, the more special cows start joining your herd, such as the time cow, golden cow, magic wizard cow and explosive cow.

Cows vs. Aliens features five challenging levels: spring, summer, fall, winter and Area 54. Redeem milk points in this game app for power-ups, boosters and special saves. Just watch out for those aliens!

As you move to higher levels, the aliens get trickier and more advanced. From stinky aliens, cow-impersonating aliens and alien tractor beams, there’s always something new for the nervous cows to moo about in this unique game app.

Not only is the game entertaining (trust us!), its graphics are bright and fun, and the sound effects match the quirky game objectives. Through moos, alien laughter and cow bells, you’re sure to have a rootin’, tootin’ good time on this alien-abducted cattle ranch.

Reviewed: Feb 08, 2012 |