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Cozi, a family organizer and to-do list app, is the best way for families to manage a busy lifestyle while keeping everyone in the loop. The handy features include a family calendar, shopping lists and family journals.

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With the Cozi app, the hope is that you and your family will see less forgotten appointments and missing items from the grocery store. This iPhone, Andoid and Blackberry app serves as an online organizer to keep all family members updated with the latest affairs and forget-me-nots. Parents can create one account for the entire family, which can be updated from any computer, phone or tablet, so everyone has access to the information. (No more excuses for forgetting to stop for milk!)

Using the Family Calendar feature, you can add or edit an appointment, soccer game or dance recital entry. Updates affect your whole family's account, so everyone in your crew knows what’s going on. Set reminders so your kids don’t miss an important event, filter appointments by each individual or view the entire family’s schedule at once.

The Shopping Lists feature lets everyone add items from any mobile device or computer, and once you’re at the store, you can easily look up the list and cross off items as you go. (Warning: your kids might add on miscellaneous goodies from home, so read carefully!)

When it comes to getting dinner on the table, Cozi helps to make the process easier with the Meal Planner and Recipe Box. Users can store all their recipes in one place and add ingredients directly from their recipes to the shopping list. Drag your recipes to individual dates to create a dinner plan for the week. Never hear “What’s for dinner?” from your kids again.

Our favorite feature about this app is the Family Journal, where family members can share memories, photos and notes. Think of it as a family blog. Jot down a memory and upload a photo, then share it with your loved ones via email or Facebook.

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