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Trying to find some do-it-yourself inspiration? Craftgawker is an iPhone app that can help you discover DIY projects for all sorts of occasions and purposes. Learn how to sew your own wallet, revamp some old shoes and turn trash into treasure with craftgawker.

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Have a craving for crafting and all things how-to? The iPhone app and desktop website craftgawker is your go-to app for all sorts of DIY projects and inspiration.

Craftgawker was created by the developers of gawkerverse, a network of curated, submitted photo gallery websites. The craftgawker app and website consists of a photo gallery that allows you to visually explore and uncover some handmade amazingness. The do-it-yourself app provides you with great ideas and inspiration for things you most likely have never thought of yourself. The app and website are set up very similarly to the popular social network Pinterest, with quality images being the main focus.

To fully use the app, you must have a profile on craftgawker’s website, but if you’re into crafting, it’s worth submitting your email to this online service.

The app’s layout has a simple grid format, displaying the latest, popular and category-specific posted photos. If a photo catches your eye, simply tap on the image to see it enlarged, plus get the caption and publisher. From here you can “favorite” the photo by tapping on the heart or go to the original post.

The app also has some amazing sharing power by allowing its users to place the post on their Pocket and Instapaper accounts, in addition to sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinboard. When in this page, unlike Pinterest, you can swipe through the images instead of going back to the main page, a feature us Recappers really enjoy.

If you want to see some different images and DIY projects, shake your iPhone to randomize the thumbnails or browse through the app’s many categories. Not finding what you’re looking for? Craftgawker also has a search function so you can discover some how-to inspiration that is specific to your potential project.

With this app and social network, we would like to see the ability to follow certain profiles. The app only allows you to see photos submitted to the website. The app also doesn’t allow you to submit photos. You can only perform this function if you are on a desktop browser.

Reviewed: Aug 07, 2012 |