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CraigsPro+ might not be pretty or especially easy to use. No matter, it’s Craiglist, people!

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Craigslist in your pocket — that’s the simplest way to describe CraigsPro+, an app that lets you search the popular classifieds website and track down everything from new chairs to a new job, filtered by location. When you fire up the app, you just need to specify where you want to search, either by narrowing down your town or searching by GPS or Zip code, and then what kind of thing you want to see: stuff that’s for sale, places to rent, jobs and so on. All of the available online options are also available in CraigsPro+, and you can even post your own listings right from the app.

The trouble here is that while CraigsPro has all kinds of great access to, it’s clunky and, well, kind of ugly. The app’s aesthetic features make it a little tough to navigate, at least until you get into the listings. But while it can be hard to get used to, CraigsPro+ is extremely useful for Craigslist hounds, especially when time is of the essence.

Reviewed: Jun 14, 2011 |

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