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Cruise Finder

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Grab your deck shoes and get ready for bargains on the open ocean with this free travel app for cruise ships and destinations.

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When we installed this travel app, we figured we would be able to find and search for cruise ships from a standard list of ports and destinations. Well, shiver me timbers, and call us landlubbers. Boy, were we wrong!

The home screen on this ship-finder app is overflowing with options. Under the quick-search category, you can select a general-cruise finder, or search by cruise lines, specific ships, deck plans, or just look for a good bargain.

Inside each of the main tabs is an entire watery world stuffed with cruise information. Say you’re a total cruise newbie—you’ve never used a travel app before and just want to find a ship on the high seas to your liking. Under the general cruise finder, you can narrow down your search by selecting destination, departure date, departure port, cruise line or cruise ship.

This led us to our favorite part of this travel app: the destination list. We expected the app to include your standard Miami or Cape Canaveral departure ports, but apparently, you can cruise from just about any water border to any other, worldwide, any time of the year. (There are cruises from Africa to the North Pole!) This ship-finding app offers such a large number of cruises that it’s almost mind-boggling. If you like a certain cruise line, ship or deck plan, plenty of options exist for those categories, too. 

The app’s quick loading time is also worth complimenting. Just for fun, we decided we wanted to sail to Honolulu on January 16th for 14 days on a Princess cruise ship. It took less than 4 seconds to find 3 cruise options.

Back on the home screen, you can search for favorites, subscribe to the newsletter, and customize your cruising calendar, and there’s even a countdown clock to maximize your daily dose of excitement. Lastly, the app is home to one of the smartest tabs we’ve ever seen for a travel app: passport requirements.

Of course, you can share and save, as well as contact, which too many app makers seem to forget. This ship-finding app is an unbelievable steal, considering it doesn’t cost you any gold doubloons, not a bit of pirate’s booty and zero dollars. (Free for Android and iPhone)

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Reviewed: Nov 30, 2011 |