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Death Worm

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You'll appreciate this app's intuitive and ultraprecise touch controls when the game's new challenges require accuracy.

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In case you missed this classic, the movie Tremors featured giant man-eating worms. In the game of Death Worm, you are one of these monsters — and you’re either destroying or eating all of the tiny Kevin Bacons (yes, you read that right), animals, police cars and army helicopters that cross your path.

Burrowing a massive, mutant worm through the dirt and sending it flying through the air is a lot easier than you might expect — the game’s on-screen touch controls are intuitive and ultraprecise. Accuracy becomes very important the longer you play, as the game starts to throw challenges at you — for instance, try to kill 20 animals as quickly as possible or take out all the low-flying helicopters without suffering any damage.

The challenges, new levels with different settings and even some alternative worms help to keep things interesting. That’s good, because Death Worm is pretty repetitive. Which is why, although we like it, we have to say that this game probably won’t become one your can’t-get-enough-of-it apps.

Reviewed: Jul 20, 2011 |