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Descrambler assists in finding words and maximizing your score on SCRABBLE, Words With Friends, and other word-game apps. Cheating? Yup. But it’s still a handy little app.

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Okay. Let’s just get out in front of this. Descrambler is a cheat. Yes, a cheat. It allows you to operate (well) above your normal knowledge level to win at SCRABBLE. But it’s still a word-game app, and it deserves an unbiased review.

Descrambler has no frills. Once you tap D, it asks you to enter your seven tiles. We had R, O, T, A, N, U and E. Once you finish entering your letters, you select the two board tiles you’re trying to play on. Ours were A and K.

Now you’re ready to configure Descrambler. You can sort by score or length, and you can choose words to suit your game of play—SCRABBLE, Words With Friends or WordFeud. We downloaded SCRABBLE, so that’s how we set this cheat, er, app.

Once you’re all filled in and configured, tap START and a whole list of words will come up. We must admit, though, that we had never heard of most of the words in our list: Anorak? Troak? Arak? Okay…

Descrambler tracks up to five games. There’s also a check option, where you can enter letters and find out if you have a word. Or discover new words, if for some strange reason you needed to do something like that.

As it turned out, we won that game of SCRABBLE, and every other game we’ve played since we downloaded Descrambler. Total coincidence.

Reviewed: Jan 16, 2012 |

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