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Apply sales tax and discounts to your items while shopping with Discount Calculator. 

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The coveted red tag: a retailer’s signal that an item is on sale. But how much does the 10, 30 or 75 percent-off discount actually make the product’s final price tag? For those of us who haven’t touched mathematics since high school and would rather not do math in our heads, download this free calculator app to quickly and easily determine your bargain price.
Discount Calculator is simple, yet effective. Type in the product’s original price, then slide or touch the “seekbar” (a slider tool that contains the percentages) to choose your percent discount. If you have an extra 10 percent-off coupon to add to the sale, simply choose “+10%,” and the calculator will increase your discount. Finally, what’s a purchase without the much-dreaded sales tax (too much math)? Shoppers can enter their tax percentage and choose whether they’d like it to be applied or not applied to the calculator’s final price.

At the end of your calculating, the calculator app states how much you have saved by applying the discount (or hopefully discounts). You can even add multiple items and their discounts to the app, creating a running list of your bargains with a total dollar amount saved. Now that the math confusion is out of the way, fill up those shopping bags and keep money in your wallet!  

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Reviewed: Nov 23, 2011 |