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Even if you're not a music guru, DoubleTwist's coolness (and zero-dollar price tag) makes it a must-have. Sync iTunes media from your computer to your phone with this music, podcast and video player plus radio.

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The Android Marketplace offers a whole bunch of different music players to choose from (TuneWiki, PowerAMP, MixZing, to name a few). So why do we love DoubleTwist so much?

This all-in-one music, radio, and video player automatically syncs with your iTunes library so you can have easy access to your favorite tunes and podcasts. It’s like having a fully functional MP3 player on your phone. (If you’re getting tired of lugging that extra gadget around, this may mean you can ditch your iPod or Zune and just stick with your Droid.)

What really separates this app from the rest is its sleek interface, which features sharp, high-quality album art and a handy star rating system so that you can grade your own music. Plus, the few buttons inside the app are enlarged for easy use.

DoubleTwist also offers typical music player features including setting a song as a ringtone, automatically stopping the music when you want to take a call, and (of course) playing music in the background while you have other programs open — the very best type of multitasking.

Reviewed: May 23, 2011 |