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Dragon Dictation

By Nuance Communications


Dragon Dictation is an iPhone app for social butterflies on the go. Speak your texts, tweets, Facebook statuses and emails with this free iPhone app.

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With Dragon Dictation, you can update your Twitter or Facebook status, send a text message to your spouse or an email to a co-worker by simply tapping record and dictating your words clearly into your phone. Dragon Dictation is great for anyone who is constantly on the run and would rather speak their thoughts than tap on a screen.

Even if you just want to make quick notes or observations and email them to yourself, the app is ready to help you get it down without added stress. 

The app is mostly accurate when it comes to recording what you’ve said, although it has a tendency to miss a word or two here and there if you don’t speak clearly enough. Luckily, the keyboard is ready to go if any errors occur that need to be fixed. You can also teach the app particular names to recognize, enable it to detect the end of speech and import your contacts for easier thought sharing.

While the latest iPhone has certainly brought this concept into more people’s hands with Siri, Dragon Dictation makes it possible to feel even more connected, no matter which generation phone you own.

Reviewed: May 23, 2011 |

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Dragon Dictation Dragon Dictation Dragon Dictation Dragon Dictation