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Dragon Rage 2

By Touch Village Inc.


The makers of Touch Village roll out Dragons Rage 2 for all you action-game lovers. The medieval-themed combat game is simple enough to attract even the most casual game-app players, but addicting enough to make you want to complete all the levels in the iPhone arcade game.

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Dragons Rage 2 will quench your thirst for mindless destruction. The medieval-themed game puts you in the role of a vengeful dragon, fighting off hordes of soldiers as they attempt to slay you. Your only weapon: bursts of flame that roast your enemies into nothing, limited only by your dragon stamina and the speed with which you can track down your enemies.

There’s not a lot of complexity in Dragons Rage, which makes it a great way to kill some time. Your dragon is at the center of a circle, and you can rotate to find approaching enemies by tilting your iPhone. Arrows indicate where danger is coming from, and you’ll have to be quick to take out threats before they get close enough to attack you. The more accurate you are with your flame and the more health you finish each level with, the better your score. You’ll also gather gold and jewels, which can be used to purchase power-ups to help keep you alive.

Dragons Rage 2 includes a fair number of levels and is challenging without ever being annoyingly hard. Its simplicity keeps it from being the most engaging title you’re likely to keep on your phone, but it is a great way to kill a few minutes, as well as a few hundred evil cartoon humans.

Reviewed: Mar 22, 2012 |