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If you like the classic game Pictionary, then you’re going to love Draw Something. The game app by OMGPOP and acquired by Zynga earns massive success with its social, mobile version of Pictionary.

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Looks like our prayers have been answered by the gaming gods. When we first reviewed Draw Something by OMGPOP in March, we touted the app as one of our new favorite game apps, but we also noted a handful of features that we wanted to see updated. (This is why we gave the app a 3-star rating.)

Alas, shortly after Draw Something’s acquisition by industry heavyweight Zynga (the developer behind Words With Friends), Draw Something proudly announced an update that bumps its star rating on The Recapp and improves its gameplay for everyone.

Draw Something is similar to the classic game of Pictionary. You play against a Facebook friend or another person in your contacts, drawing items with your finger for your opponent to guess. (No, you can’t draw a number of the explicit things that may be going through your head right now. Get your mind out of the gutter.) Instead, you are given three words to choose from, ranging from easy to hard.

The harder the word is that you draw, the more coins you earn after your friend successfully guesses it. If you rack up enough coins, you can even buy yourself new colors to use in your drawings (we never realized how precious the color orange is until we played this game). And with the new update, you can now draw up to 999 words in one playing streak (99 words was the previous limit).

To draw your object, you can choose your marker’s thickness and color. You can erase your picture at any time or just trash the whole thing. When you’re done, the picture will be sent to your opponent who can select to watch a video of you drawing the object. To guess the object, players fill in letter slots from a word bank of select letters.

The recent April update now includes the much-anticipated comment and sharing features. Before you send a picture, you can include a comment, but in order to limit “cheating,” this message appears on the page that your opponent sees after they have guessed the word. You can also save and share your picture with your social networks—no more having to take screenshots and upload the old-fashioned way! 

Draw Something’s initial owner and developer, OMGPOP, also added an update before Zynga entered the picture: the ability to add more words to the app’s database quickly. So, when a new hit movie hits the screens or a reality-star celebrity makes a buzz, Draw Something can incorporate those hot terms too. Draw Something’s free version doesn’t include as many words to choose from as the 99-cent version, but we like it just as much.

The game still does not include one basic feature that we had hoped for: a simple back button. If you’re on a drawing page and want to get back to the main homepage, well, you can’t. Still, Draw Something is a terribly addicting game, and it’s only getting better.

Recapp tip: Close this app when you’re done with it to avoid battery drain, or check to see if your version is on Verizon’s list of apps that may be draining your Android battery life.

Reviewed: Apr 19, 2012 |

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