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Teachers have a new alternative to the clunky BlackBoard system with this social networking education app for Android and iPhone.

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If you’re an educator, by now you’ve probably encountered “The Facebook Problem.” Do you delete your account? Change your privacy settings? Change your name? Perhaps you’ve decided you have nothing to hide from your students or their parents and have embraced social networking with open arms. Either way, social networking is a new, often uncomfortable reality of teacher and student interaction.

Edmodo presents an interesting alternative to that potential education quagmire. It’s an education and social app for Android and iPhone, and it allows teachers and students to connect and interact. Though it operates much like Facebook and Twitter, it’s much more about the network than the social aspects. Edmodo keeps the focus on education and provides an effective platform tool for teachers.

After a quick profile setup, users can create groups (say, different classes or a department of teachers) that other users can join. Teachers can post messages to specific groups or students, and students can send messages back. With Edmodo, teachers can meet students to discuss schoolwork outside of the physical classroom—in a digital place students tend to tread more often.

Edmodo also has some useful organizational features, such as a simple grade book and a library to store and post assignments and files. Overall, it probably could stand to be a little more robust. A calendar would be a great addition, as would push notifications. If you’re receiving messages from over 100 students, checking your phone every few minutes can be a bit overwhelming.

This school app doesn’t come with any promises of improved grades or a higher approval rating from the classroom, but it does offer an innovative way to reach your students. For that reason, it’s worth checking out.

Reviewed: Dec 14, 2011 |

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