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Read political-news tweets and browse election coverage from a variety of sources with ElectionCaster. This free app offers in-depth political-news coverage, and it’s essential for any conscious voter.

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ElectionCaster is, in a word, thorough. While other political-news apps like Presidential Election 2012 are pretty simple, ElectionCaster is fairly advanced. Staying true to all Caster apps by Handmark and its social media arm, OneLouder, the app features a Twitter aggregator so you can read your political news and commentary from the Twitter community—not just from your major news stations.

From the app’s toolbar, you can choose to break down the political-news landscape on a national or local scale. In either section, you can filter the feeds by Top Tweets, Top News and Commentary.

Also from the toolbar, you can navigate to the Blogs section, where you can read blog posts from the CNN Political Ticker, FactCheck, Hotline On Call and Politics Daily. Another cool feature: Use the TalkBack tab to communicate with your elected officials or your media favorites. Also check on recent political polls, view more Handmark company apps and change app settings. 

This app was clearly designed by an election-conscious, non-partisan group that offers in-depth coverage. If that’s not refreshing enough, the app is also free. 

Reviewed: Mar 01, 2012 |

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