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Put the day-planner away. Evernote makes staying organized a cinch. 

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Evernote makes that smartphone in your pocket a lot more like a really smart notepad, ready to collect ideas and important information at a moment’s notice. At its heart, that’s all Evernote really is — a way to take quick notes — but the app’s versatility makes it a standout. You can create text, audio, and video notes and save them in Evernote; add text to photos; and search everything you’ve saved using the app’s handy search function. When you’re done, everything syncs to your computer to make sure it’s always secured.

We think a few of Evernote’s features make it invaluable. For example, snap a photo of a sign or an ad that you need to remember, and the app lets you search for the text found in the image so you can find the photo later, even if it gets lost among your other notes. You’ll be hard-pressed to forget anything ever again using Evernote, unless using Evernote is what you forget!

Reviewed: May 23, 2011 |

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