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Executive Assistant +

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Executive Assistant + is a simple app that gives you everything you’ve ever wanted to see—from new text messages to calendar notifications—on one small screen, without having to enter multiple passwords or browse through apps on your phone.

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The Executive Assistant + app is perfect for people in the workplace who need to stay on top of their social updates, view them quickly and respond with lightning speed.

Executive Assistant + is an all-in-one app that combines your social media, email, text messages, calendar and tasks, so you can review your updates all at once and save time. Anything you ever wanted to see will be available on one small screen, without having to navigate to various apps in your phone or enter multiple passwords.

Executive Assistant+ is certainly easy to use. It comes with a very clean interface complete with five icons for phone, calendar, tasks, email and text messages (you can add more icons for social media or RSS feeds). The interface also houses a little green scroll bar that takes you to each button and beyond. While the app will sync with social-media accounts, such as Twitter and Facebook, it will not automatically do so, so expect to add those widgets manually.

Executive Assistant + offers a handful of options to personalize the app. Backgrounds, text sizes, refreshing options, forced portrait mode and lock screens are all customizable. The app simply layers over your existing phone background but gives you a new window to keep abreast of any new developments.

While we like the ability to access all of our go-to information in one easy-to-access place, we do feel that the app’s price tag is bit steep. Not to mention, many new smartphones are beginning to load pre-installed productivity apps and widgets for you. Because of this, we advocate trying out the ad-supported Executive Assistant app for free first.

Reviewed: Jul 02, 2012 |

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