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Facebook Messenger

By Facebook, Inc.


If you’re not on Facebook, you’re living under a rock. And if you’re not using Facebook Messenger, you should be. Think of it as free text messaging—but way cooler.

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If you’re a heavy Facebook user, you might be tempted to drop texting from your smartphone data plan. Facebook Messenger gives you all the same capabilities as texting, but for (virtually) nothing. Plus, it keeps you connected in Facebook.

The app ties you into the Facebook chat and messaging portion of the popular social networking service. You can quickly send texts, photos, videos and more to your Facebook friends through the app (and receive them, too) using any Internet connection. If your primary contacts are your Facebook friends, you can use the free texting app as an alternative to texts for the cost of a little 3G data—usually a lot cheaper than going over on your texting plan.

Facebook Messenger is simple and includes all the same capabilities as Facebook Chat on your browser. It’s a convenient way to get in touch with people and we’re all familiar with the social network’s interface. It also ties into your phone’s contact list, so you can get in touch with people who aren’t necessarily your Facebook friends using the app.

With so many millions of Facebook users, Messenger is a super-convenient way to keep in touch. Plus, it’s a free app. What’s not to love?

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Reviewed: Jan 03, 2012 |

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