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Fashion Star Boutique

By XMG Studio Inc.


Fashionistas, this is an iPhone game app for you. Time-management game Fashion Star Boutique will have you designing dresses for virtual clients, but a few of its features will cost you.

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There are a lot of titles in the iTunes App Store in which players are tasked with building objects and managing the time it takes to construct them. Fashion Star Boutique takes a different spin on that, requiring players to choose from dress designs and materials to create the perfect outfits for their clients.

Making the outfits your clients are looking for is a matter of fulfilling their needs, as well as learning their tastes. Each person who commissions a dress or outfit from the player lists the attributes they’re looking for, and it’s up to you to choose the right cut and materials for the outfit to meet their needs.

Once you’ve got the components you think you need, you can put the dress together, which usually takes a variable amount of time. When the design is done and the dress is made, you’ll earn money and experience, which you can use to unlock new clients and new designs to expand your business.

In addition to designing different outfits in Fashion Star Boutique, you’re also tasked with the upkeep of your own store. The designs you create for clients can be put on sale in the store, and the number of items you can sell, as well as the money you can earn, depends on how much time you’re willing to let lapse during each sale. This concept of time management is reminiscent of a lot of games in the App Store, such as FarmVille.

Fashion Star Boutique won’t break your brain with its challenge, but it does inspire creativity and is a fun management simulator for killing some time. Most items can be unlocked pretty easily during the course of the game, and if you want more, you can spend real money with in-app purchases that increase the number of items at your disposal.

There could stand to be a little more variety in the tasks laid before you, but overall, Fashion Star Boutique is a fun escape into the life of a professional fashion designer.

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