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Find My iPhone

By Apple, Inc.


Whether you're phone is lost or stolen, Find My iPhone can find it, provided you have an iPhone 4.

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A former feature of Apple’s MobileMe service, Find My iPhone does exactly what it purports to do: If you lose your device or if it’s stolen, the app helps you track it down. It works by setting up an account on your computer and tying it to the app on your device. Then, should you misplace your phone, lose it in the couch or drop it under the seat of your car, you can activate the app remotely from your computer and access the phone’s GPS to find its location, or have it make a loud noise so you can locate it — even if you left the phone on silent.

Even better options are available if your phone is lost for good or stolen. With your Find My iPhone account, you can remotely lock your phone or wipe its data if it falls into unfriendly hands. The only problem with the whole idea is that Find My iPhone doesn’t support many products — you need an iPhone 4 updated to at least iTunes 4.2. Anything less and the app won’t work, and you’re up a creek if your phone disappears. But with the right hardware, Find My iPhone is a nice security blanket.

Reviewed: May 23, 2011 |