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First Then Visual Schedule

By Good Karma Applications Inc.


This visual app encourages independence for people with special needs.

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A visual app designed for children and people with special needs, First Then Visual Schedule provides an illustrated and animated way to convey instructions and information with relative ease.

The app allows users to create schedules on their Apple devices that can help people with autism, communication difficulties, developmental restrictions and other special needs with simple routines. Embedded in the app are a number of stock images and sounds that can be associated with each of the steps on the schedule. For instance, the app displays a picture of pajamas for one step, then a bed for another, in order to visually portray the task of getting ready for bed at night. Ordering these pictures puts a schedule together for the person in need.

The visual schedule becomes really useful in allowing users to record their own sounds and shoot their own photos, which they can then place on their schedules or use to convey ideas. Users can also record video, making customization with the app pretty easy.

First Then isn’t perfect, but it can be very helpful for getting ideas across in a non-verbal way, and it seems beneficial in making life a little easier for people with special needs.

Reviewed: Oct 26, 2011 |

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