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Turn your exercise routines into a fun game! Fitocracy is a social game app that helps you track your fitness routines and compete with your friends. If you lack motivation to hit the gym, this fitness app may just be the answer to that swimsuit this summer. 

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Wouldn’t you be more motivated to be consistent with your fitness routines if there was something in it for you (other than your health)? The developers of Fitocracy have come up with a solution: Turn your workout efforts into a real-life game. Similar to the GymPact fitness app that rewards you with cash for your workouts, Fitocracy also awards prizes, but does so with game-like scores and achievements.

Before debuting as an official app in the App Store in March, Fitocracy was actually made for desktop browsers and the mobile web. Luckily—and just in time for bikini season—it's now available for free on iOS devices. Fitocracy's mission is to “make exercise more addictive and accessible for everyone.”

Fitocracy personally helps you learn about fitness while being motivational with a knowledgeable, supportive and down-right awesome online community. These stellar people and app users are known as “Fitocrats.” To get some inspiration and engage in conversations, follow other Fitocrats via your Twitter followers, Facebook friends or other Fitocracy users. You can compare your progress to your fellow Fitocrats on the Leaders board. The more you track your fitness, the higher you will be on the Leaders board.

You can give and receive props for doing anything active like going for a bike ride, taking a swim or even walking up some flights of stairs; it’s similar to “liking” something on Facebook, except you are actually doing a physical act rather than just talking about it. You can also make comments and also post a status to your feed. Additionally, you can join groups that share similar interests as your own, such as “Lady Lifters,” “Long Distance Running” or “Nah, I’ll take the stairs.”

You can earn points and level-ups for completing numerous fitness-based tasks (which you can share on Facebook and Twitter), and there are also tons of achievements, challenges and quests to accomplish. Exercises are easily searchable and recordable. You can even compile your own routines for an easier and quicker way to track your activities. Unlock achievements and quests to visualize your progress.

Reviewed: Apr 11, 2012 |

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