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What sounds good for dinner? Better yet, what looks good? iPhone’s Foodspotting and Android’s Foodspotting Lite both allow you to browse visual restaurant reviews, though iPhone users will appreciate a handy search tool and more dynamic reviews.

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Foodspotting isn’t like your standard restaurant review application: The focus is on the photos, not the commentary. You can flip through the snapshots to get a feel for what kind of food a restaurant serves, or post your own photos from a meal at the restaurant.

The app is location based, which means it’s great for finding new spots in your hood and for travel. Browse through the nearest, latest, or best categories, or search by user, dining establishment, or food type. Think that smoked mozzarella sandwich looks good? See where else it’s served. The social networking aspect adds to the fun. Click a star to “want it,” a blue ribbon to “nom it,” a tiny camera to say, “Great shot,” or a pair of binoculars to say, “Great find.” Tapping on a photo shows you who posted it, the official name of the menu item, comments, and contact info for the restaurant.

Foodspotting Lite on Android isn’t quite as dynamic as the full version available exclusively on iPhone. There’s no search on the Android app, which means that users are restricted to flipping through the photo galleries. Still, screen after screen of tasty menu items? We’ll take it.

Reviewed: May 23, 2011 |

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